Fun memories from the first 6 Months.  We really started getting to work on this project in January of 2021.  Slowly but surely, and with a lot of help from our family, friends and community, we were able to get our inter-generational farm  restoration project off the ground.


Petuna June the Second - Eternal thanks to Tom Keolker

The Gang packed and ready for action, Sweet Home here we come!

Suzanne - ready for work!

Ponderosa Pine, North East Corner

Market Garden Coming to be - Circa March

Rory - Cleaning up the place

Erik - Pruning the Apple Trees

Dehydrated Blue Oyster Mushrooms

Spring Apple Budding

Rhia - Sawzall charged and ready!

East Property Line

Blue Oyster Mushrooms Ready to Bloom!

Fire Fly Brandon - Taking Care of Business

Gerty the resident photographer- 'An Ode to Chickens'

Careful, Chips in the Path!

Western Skyline

A Spring Day at the Orchard

Zekra - Enjoying a well earned brunch!

First Batch of Our Homemade Mushroom Jerky!

Bestowing the Key

Property Line East

A moment to reflect

Blue Oysters in the Spring

Shiitake Mushrooms

Mushrooms anyone?

Tractor Transport - Hood River to Sweet Home

Beautiful Shelf Mushroom in the Forest

Remodel - Coming along

Market Garden - Circa May

Shiitake Bounty

Remodel - Coming along

Flying Pig with a Chipster

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